Wind & Water is Kenora, Lake of the Woods, Northwest Ontario, Winnipeg, and surrounding areas's premiere feng shui decorator with extensive training and experience to transform elements into a harmonious and balanced space.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art of orienting objects and towns to promote a healthy flow of chi. Its postulate is that all areas, large and small, have a distinctive energy that is guidable by rearranging objects (eg, removing an ornament from an apartment, or adding one to a particular corner of a room).

To be avoided is: clutter, dark corners, gloomy colours, low ceilings, and sharp, pointed objects. Feng Shui literally means wind and water and is translatable as vital energy or geomancy.

Mona was trained by feng shui master Patrick Chau. She has successfully completed her training in the traditional-classical Form and Compass School of feng shui. She has taught several classes and has facilitated many presentations on the subject.


For those of you interested in having a feng shui consultation for your home or business, it is very important to be flexible and open to the recommendations. It is helpful to have a little basic understanding of Feng Shui, although not necessary. Often, a client is interested in feng shui, but has very firm ideas about color in specific areas etc. Although there is room for flexibility and personalization, specific principles need to be applied which include color, accessories with specific shapes and other qualities as well as their respective placement. An interior decorating consult may be a more suitable choice for those who can identify with this situation.


A feng shui consultation usually takes between 3-4 hrs; although there are exceptions i.e. if feng shui is applied only to one room or if there are many questions asked during the consult regarding the decor. A compass is used in order to determine the home’s orientation. A brief overview of the principles of feng shui is then explained, followed by a short interview with the client(s). This allows the practitioner to ascertain if there are specific areas in the home that may require remedies or “cures”. Dates of birth are also requested as this is also pertinent information for a feng shui consultation.

The client is asked to walk the practitioner through the space; once familiarized with the home, however, the practitioner walks through alone-taking many notes along the way. The color palette may also be created at this time. Once done, the clients are asked to gather for the final debriefing of the findings and recommendations. The color scheme is presented and approved. All notes and recommendations are left with the client(s). Payment is made via cheque or cash before the practitioner departs.

ADDITIONAL CONSULTATION: Clients are welcomed to contact the practitioner and schedule additional meetings if guidance is needed for product advice/selection and any other decorative advice/selection. This is billed on an hourly basis.